It never occurred to me to try and get pregnant. 


To attempt. Suggestive connotation: something which you want to make happen and is going to be hard.

try [ trī/ ]  verb

  1. make an attempt or effort to do something.

That’s what pregnancy and me were like. A verb with really suggestive undertones. A verb that a lot of people say, (“Oh, when are you going to try and get pregnant?”), but no one every really thinks about too deeply.

No one talks it about too much either. Outside of actually being pregnant and then the conversation is “how are you feeling?” and “when are you due?”

No one ever says, “has it been hard for you?” or “are you scared?”

No one ever says, “have you lost a baby?”

I don’t know why anyone would ask that though. It’s not like we go around asking people if they’ve ever had cancer. Or if they’ve ever been traumatized from some horrible event. We just kind of assume that everyone’s lives are really great. Up until the point when they tell us that they’re not.